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151 Days, John Goode (Tales from Foster High 6)

Abby Lynn, Rainer M. Schröder (Reihe)
Adrian Mayfield, Floortje Zwigtman (Reihe)
Alice und ich, Melanie Benjamin
All the Devils Here, Astor Penn
All-New, All-Different Avengers: The Magnificent Seven, Waid, Kubert, Asrar (Volume 1)
Allegiant, Veronica Roth (Band 3)
Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Amina’s Voice, Hena Khan
Angel Arias, Marianne de Pierres (Night Creatures 2)
Archie: The New Riverdale, Waid, Staples, Wu, Fish (Volume 1)
Ariah, B. R. Sanders
Arthur und der Botschafter der Schatten, Gerd Ruebenstrunk (Die Vergessenen Bücher 2)
Arthur und die Stadt ohne Namen, Gerd Ruebenstrunk (Die Vergessenen Bücher 3)
Arthur und die Vergessenen Bücher, Gerd Ruebenstrunk (Die Vergessenen Bücher 1)
Ash, Malinda Lo
Ashes, Ilsa J. Bick (Ashes 1)
Asking For It, Louise O’Neill
Assassin’s Curse, the, Cassandra Rose Clarke (Band 1)
Auf eine wie dich habe ich lange gewartet, Patrycja Spychalski
Augensammler, der, Sebastian Fitzek
Auswahl, die, Ally Condie (Cassia & Ky 1)
Autumn Bones, Jacqueline Carey (Agent of Hel 2)

Babe in Boyland, Jody Gehrman
Backstagers #1,the, James Tynion IV, Rian Sygh (Heft 1)
Ball der Versuchung, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 4)
Band of Brothers, Stephen E. Ambrose
Battle Royale, Koushun Takami
Beastly, Alex Flinn
Beautiful Disaster, Jamie McGuire (Band 1)
Bernie & Chet, Spencer Quinn (Band 1)
Bestimmung, die, Veronica Roth (Divergent 1)
BETA, Rachel Cohn (Annex 1)
Birth of a Killer, Darren Shan (The Saga of Larten Crepsley 1)
Bis(s) einer weint, Frau Meier
Bis(s) zum ersten Sonnenstrahl, Stephenie Meyer
Bitch Planet: Extraordinary Machine, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine DeLandro (Bitch Planet 1)
Bite Club, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 10)
Biting Bad, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 8)
Biting Cold, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 6)
Bittersüßer Verrat, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 7)
Black Heart, Holly Black (Curse Workers 3)
Blood on my Hands, Todd Strasser
Blue is the Warmest Color, Julie Maroh
Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Maggie Stiefvater (The Raven Cycle 3)
Book of Lies, Teri Terry
Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan
Breath, Jackie Morse Kessler (Horsemen of the Apocalypse 4)
Brothers to the Death, Darren Shan (The Saga of Larten Crepsley 4)
Buch der Unsterblichen, das, Avery Williams (Everlight 1)
Burn Bright, Marianne de Pierres (Night Creatures 1)

Calling, the, Kelley Armstrong (Darkness Rising 2)
Changers, T Cooper, Allison Glock (Reihe)
Chaos Walking, Patrick Ness (Reihe)
Charm and Strange, Stephanie Kuehn
Cinder, Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles 1)
City, the, Darren Shan (Reihe)
Clash of Kings, a, George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire 2)
Closed and Common Orbit, a, Becky Chambers (Wayfarers 2)
Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein
Cold Awakening, Robin Wasserman (Reihe)
Complicit, Stephanie Kuehn
Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend, Louise Rozett (Band 2)
Confessions of an Angry Girl, Louise Rozett (Band 1)
Cress, Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles 3)
Curtsies & Conspiracies, Gail Carriger (Finishing School 2)

Damian: Die Stadt der gefallenen Engel, Rainer Wekwerth (Band 1)
Dance with Dragons, a, George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire 5)
Dancing Jax, Robin Jarvis (Band 1)
Dark Calling, Darren Shan (The Demonata 9)
Dark Currents, Jacqueline Carey (Agent of Hel 1)
Dark Places, Gillian Flynn
Dark Triumph: Die Tochter des Verräters, Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin 2)
Deadly Cool, Gemma Halliday (Deadly Cool 1)
Dearly, Beloved, Lia Habel (Band 2)
Dearly, Departed, Lia Habel (Band 1)
Death’s Shadow, Darren Shan (The Demonata 7)
Delirium, Lauren Oliver (Delirium 1)
Der Nacht geweiht, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 5)
Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, the, E. Lockhart
Diviners, the, Libba Bray (Band 1)
Door That Led to Where, the, Sally Gardner
Dracula: Die Wiederkehr, Dacre Stoker und Ian Holt
Dream Thieves, the, Maggie Stiefvater (Raven Cycle 2)
Drei Wünsche hast du frei, Jackson Pearce
Drink Deep, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 5)
Drowning: Tödliches Element, Rachel Ward (Band 1)
Druidin, die, Birgit Jaeckel (Band 1)
Dunkle Magie, Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall 2)
Dämonenbann, Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall 3)

Echo der Toten, das, Kimberly Derting (Bodyfinder 1)
End Games, the, T. Michael Martin
Entführung, die, Moira Young (Dustlands 1)
Eon, Alison Goodman (Band 1)
Eona, Alison Goodman (Band 2)
Erbe des Lichts, das, Gesa Schwartz (Grim 2)
Escape from Furnace, Alexander Gordon Smith (Reihe)
Eternity Cure, the, Julie Kagawa (Blood of Eden 2)
Etiquette & Espionage, Gail Carriger (Finishing School 1)
Every Day, David Levithan (Band 1)
Every Heart a Doorway, Seanan McGuire (Band 1)
Ewiglich die Sehnsucht, Brodi Ashton (Ewiglich 1)

Faking It, Cora Carmack (Band 2)
False Hearts, Laura Lam (Band 1)
Fame Junkies, Morton Rhue
Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell
Far From You, Tess Sharpe
Fault in Our Stars, the, John Green
Feast for Crows, a, George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire 4)
Fever, Lauren DeStefano (The Chemical Garden Trilogy 2)
Flight, Jason Lethcoe (Der mysteriöse Mr. Spines 2)
Flirt mit der Unsterblichkeit, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 8)
Fluch der Druidin, der, Birgit Jaeckel (Band 2)
Fluch der Hebamme, der, Sabine Ebert (Band 4)
Flying Moon, Katrin Bongard
Follow Me Down, Tanya Byrne
For Darkness Shows the Stars, Diana Peterfreund (Band 1)
For Holly, Tanya Byrne
Forever, Maggie Stiefvater (The Wolves of Mercy Falls 3)
Forsaken, the, Lisa M. Stasse (Band 1)
Fractured, Teri Terry (Band 2)
Friday Night Bites, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 2)
Frisch gebissen, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 1)

Game of Thrones, a, George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire 1)
Gathering, the, Kelley Armstrong (Darkness Rising 1)
Gebrauchsanweisung für Irland, Ralf Sotschek
Gefährliche Sehnsucht, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 9)
Geheime Sammlung, die, Polly Shulman
Geheimnis der Flamingofrau, das, Laura Lay
Gegenwart, Axel Westerwelle (Lost in History 1)
George, Alex Gino
Girl Parts, John M. Cusick
Goethe: Zum Sehen geboren, zum Schauen bestellt
Goldene Flammen, Leigh Bardugo (Grischa 1)
Goldene Garn, das, Cornelia Funke (Reckless 3)
Gracefully Grayson, Ami Polonsky
Gracekeepers, the, Kirsty Logan
Grave Mercy: Die Novizin des Todes, Robin LaFevers (His Fair Assassin 1)

Handmaid’s Tale, the, Margaret Atwood
Hard Bitten, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 4)
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Jack Thorne, John Tiffany
Hate U Give, the, Angie Thomas
Heart Goes Last, the, Margaret Atwood
Heart-Shaped Bruise, Tanya Byrne
Hell’s Heroes, Darren Shan (The Demonata 10)
Herz des Schattens, das, Lena Klassen (Magyria 1)
Hexe, die, Yasmine Galenorn (Schwestern des Mondes 1)
Hexenwut, Cay Winter (Babel 1)
Hidden Oracle, the, Rick Riordan (The Trials of Apollo 1)
Hobbit, the, J.R.R. Tolkien
Hogwarts: An Incomplete & Unreliable Guide, J. K. Rowling (Band 3)
Hollow, the, Jessica Verday (Sleepy Hollow 1)
Holundermond, Jutta Wilke
Holy Shit: A Brief History of Swearing, Melissa Mohr
House Rules, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 7)
Hunger, Jackie Morse Kessler (Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1)
Hunger Games, the, Suzanne Collins (Reihe)
Höllenglanz, Kelley Armstrong (Die dunklen Mächte 3)

Immortal Rules, the, Julie Kagawa (Blood of Eden 1)
Impossible Knife of Memory, the, Laure Halse Anderson
In the Present Tense, Carrie Pack
Ink, Amanda Sun (Paper Gods 1)
Insurgent, Veronica Roth (Divergent 2)
Invasion of the Tearling, the, Erika Johansen (Band 2)
Iron Daughter, the, Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey 2)
Iron King, the, Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey 1)
Iron Knight, the, Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey 4)
Iron Queen, the, Julie Kagawa (The Iron Fey 3)
Iron Traitor, the, Julie Kagawa (Call of the Forgotten 2)

Japanische Verlobte, der, Amélie Nothomb
Juliet Takes a Breath, Gabby Rivera

Katastrophe, die, Krystyna Kuhn (Das Teal Season 1.2)
Keime, die, Julia Mayer (Old Souls 1)
Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson
Killing Woods, the, Lucy Christopher
Kiss in the Dark, a, Cat Clarke
Das Königreich der Drachen, Rachel Hartman (Serafina 1)
Königsmacher, Karen Miller (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker 1)
Königsmörder, Karen Miller (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker 2)
Koyasan, Darren Shan
Kratzbürstige Frauenzimmer, das, Deeanne Gist (Esther Spreckelmeyer 2)
Kushiel’s Scion, Jacqueline Carey (Imriel’s Trilogy 1)
Kuss des Engels, der, Sarah Lukas (Band 1)
Kuss des Jägers, der, Sarah Lukas (Band 2)

Lady of the Shades, Darren Shan
Lebendige Schatten, Cornelia Funke (Reckless 2)
Les Normaux (Webcomic)
Letzte Kuss, der, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 2)
Liebe und Verrat, Michelle Zink (Prophecy of the Sisters 2)
Lied von Malonia, das, Catherine Banner (The Last Descendants 1)
Lies We Tell Ourselves, Robin Talley
Linger, Maggie Stiefvater (Wolves of Mercy Falls 2)
Loki’s Wolves, K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr (The Blackwell Pages 1)
Long Way to A Small Angry Planet, the, Becky Chambers (Wayfarers 1)
Losing It, Cora Carmack (Band 1)
Loss, Jackie Morse Kessler (Riders of the Apocalypse 3)
Lost Prince, the, Julie Kagawa (Call of the Forgotten 1)
Love in the Time of Global Warming, Francesca Lia Block (Band 1)
Love that Disturbs, a, Medeia Sharif
Lovesong, Gayle Forman (If I Stay 2)

Maria Stuart, Friedrich Schiller
Maskenmörder, der, Nina Blazon
Maurin, die, Lea Korte
Mein fahler Freund, Isaac Marion
Mein Herz so wild, Jane Eagland
Messertänzerin, die, Susanne Rauchhaus
Monstress, #1, Marjorie Liu, Sana Takeda (Heft 1)
Monument 14, Emmy Laybourne
More Than This, Patrick Ness
My Life Next Door, Huntley Fitzpatrick

Nach dem Sommer, Maggie Stiefvater (Wolves of Mercy Falls 1)
Nette Mädchen beißen nicht, Molly Harper (Nice Girls 1)
Neue Welt, Conny Engel (Wächter der Finsternis 1)
Nightmare Affair, the, Mindee Arnett (Band 1)
Nimona, Noelle Stevenson
No End, Erli & Kromi (Webcomic)
No More Confessions, Louize Rozett (Band 3)
None of the Above, I.W. Gregorio
Not Otherwise Specified, Hannah Moskowitz
Numbers: Den Tod im Blick, Rachel Ward (Numbers 1)

Ocean of Blood, Darren Shan (The Saga of Larten Crepsley 2)
Oktoberfest, Christoph Scholder
Openly Straight, Bill Konigsberg (Band 1)
Otherbound, Corinne Duyvis
Out of the Depths, Cathy MacPhail (Band 1)
Out of the Easy, Ruta Sepetys
Out on Good Behavior, Dahlia Adler (Radleigh University 3)

Palace of the Damned, Darren Shan (The Saga of Larten Crepsley 3)
Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver (Delirium 2)
Pastworld, Ian Beck
Pirate’s Wish, the, Cassandra Rose Clarke (Band 2)
Plain Kate, Erin Bow
Poison Diaries, die, Maryrose Wood (Poison Diaries 1)
Portable Shelter, a, Kirsty Logan
Prophezeiung der Schwestern, die, Michelle Zink (Prophecy of the Sisters 1)
Prosperity, Alexis Hall
Prudence, Gail Carriger (The Custard Protocol 1)
Pure, Julianna Baggott (Band 1)

Queen of the Tearling, the, Erika Johansen (Band 1)
Quicksilver, RJ Anderson (Band 2)

Rage, Jackie Morse Kessler (Horsemen of the Apocalypse 2)
Raging Star, Moira Young (Dustlands 3)
Raven Boys, the, Maggie Stiefvater (Raven Cycle 1)
Raven King, the, Maggie Stiefvater (Raven Cycle 4)
Read Me Like a Book, Liz Kessler
Rebel Heart, Moira Young (Dustlands 2)
Red Glove, Holly Black (Curse Workers 2)
Remains of the Day, the, Kazuo Ishiguro
Rendezvous mit einem Unbekannten, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 3)
Rental Heart And Other Fairytales, the, Kirsty Logan
Rest of Us Just Live Here, the, Patrick Ness
Rising, the, Kelley Armstrong (Darkness Rising 3)
Rose Society, the, Marie Lu (Band 2)
Rot wie das Meer, Maggie Stiefvater
Rubinrot, Kerstin Gier (Edelstein-Trilogie Band 1)

Saga, Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples (Band 1-18)
Santa Olivia, Jacqueline Carey (Reihe)
Saphirblau, Kerstin Gier (Edelstein-Trilogie Band 2)
Scarlet, Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles 2)
Scatterheart, Lili Wilkinson
Schattengesicht, Antje Wagner
Schattenstunde, Kelley Armstrong (Darkest Powers 1)
Schwur für die Ewigkeit, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 6)
Second Mango, the, Shira Glassman (Mangoverse 1)
Secret Loves of Geek Girls, the, Hope Nicholson (Ed.)
Seele des Schattens, die, Lena Klassen (Magyria 2)
Seelennacht, Kelley Armstrong (Darkesr Powers 2)
Seltsame Fall von Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Hyde, der, Robert Louis Stevenson
Seraphine: Traum vom Licht, Marie Graßhoff (Band 1)
Shadows, Ilsa J. Bick (Band 2)
Sharp Zero, Robotsharks (Webcomic)
Shattered, Teri Terry (Band 3)
Shine Light, Marianne de Pierres (Night Creatures 3)
Short Stories from Hogwarts: Heroism, Hardship & Dangerous Hobbies, J. K. Rowling (Band 1)
Short Stories from Hogwarts: Power, Politics & Pesky Poltergeists, J. K. Rowling (Band 2)
Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht, Patrick Ness & Siobhan Dowd
Sieben verdammt lange Tage, Jonathan Tropper
Siegel des Feuers, das, Gesa Schwartz (Grim 1)
Silber: Das erste Buch der Träume, Kerstin Gier (Band 1)
Silberlicht, Laura Whitcomb
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Becky Albertalli
Sisters Red, Jackson Pearce
Slated, Tery Terry (Slated 1)
Smaragdgrün, Kerstin Gier (Edelstein-Trilogie Band 3)
So finster die Nacht, John Ajvide Lindqvist
Social Suicide, Gemma Halliday (Band 2)
Song of Achilles, the, Madeline Miller
Soulless, Gail Carriger (The Parasol Protectorate 1)
Soulless, REM (The Parasol Protectorate 1, Manga)
Spiel, das, Krystyna Kuhn (Das Tal Season 1.1)
Spiel der Nachtigall, das, Tanja Kinkel
Sprich, Laure Halse Anderson
Steinernes Fleisch, Cornelia Funke, Lionel Wigram (Reckless 1)
»Sterben kommt nicht in Frage, Mama!«, Judith End
Stolen, Lucy Christopher
Summer Prince, the, Alaya Dawn Johnson
Storm of Swords, a, George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire 3)
Stormdancer, Jay Kristoff (The Lotus War 1)
Sturm im Elfenland, Frances G. Hill
Sturmherz, Britta Strauß

Talented Mr. Ripley, the, Patricia Highsmith (Ripley 1)
Tales from Foster High, John Goode (Reihe)
Taxi to Heaven, Pater Manfred Entrich
Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, Sara Farizan
Thin Executioner, the, Darren Shan
This Book Is Gay, Juno Dawson
This Is What Happy Looks Like, Jennifer E. Smith
This Song Will Save Your Life, Leila Sales
Tinder, Sally Gardner
Tod oder Liebe, Manuela Salvi
Totenbraut, Nina Blazon
Totenreise, David Lozano Garbala (Puerta Oscura 1)
Town Below the Ground, the, Jan-Andrew Henderson
Traum der Hebamme, der, Sabine Ebert (Band 5)
Traum des Schattens, der, Lena Klassen (Magyria 3)
Traumsplitter, Tanja Heitmann
Twice Bitten, Chloe Neill (Chicagoland Vampires 3)
Two Boys Kissing, David Levithan

Über ein Mädchen, Joanne Horniman
Ultraviolet, RJ Anderson (Band 1)
Und im Zweifel für dich selbst, Elisabeth Rank
Und in mir der unbesiegbare Sommer, Ruta Sepetys
Unforgettables, the, G.L. Tomas
Unsterbliche Prinz, der, Jennifer Fallon (Gezeitenstern-Saga 1)
Untot: Lauf, solange du noch kannst, Kirsty McKay (Untot 1)
Unverhoffte, die, Anne Plichota, Cendrine Wolf (Oksa Pollock 1)

Vampire: Anleitung zur Unsterblichkeit, Amy Gray
Vampire: sehen, erkennen, handeln, Meredith Woerner
Verborgen, Amanda Hocking (Die Tochter der Tryll 1)
Verfolgt bis aufs Blut, Rachel Caine (Haus der Vampire 1)

Waistcoats & Weaponry, Gail Carriger (Finishing School 3)
Weißer Oleander, Janet Fitch
Wenn ich bleibe, Gayle Forman
Wenn ihr uns findet, Emily Murdoch
Werwölfe: Wie sie leben, wer sie sind, Serena Valentino
What a Boy Wants/What a Boy Needs, Nyrae Dawn
What I Thought Was True, Huntley Fitzpatrick
White Cat, Holly Black (Curse Workers 1)
What Language Is (and What It Isn’t and What It Could Be), John McWhorter
Wie du ihm, so ich dir, Beatrix Gurian
Wilder Zauber, Rachel Hawkins (Hex Hall 1)
Wildwood, Colin Meloy & Carson Ellis (Band 1)
Will Grayson, Will Grayson, David Levithan & John Green
Wings, Jason Lethcoe (Der mysteriöse Mr. Spines 1)
Winner’s Crime, the, Marie Rutkoski (Band 2)
Winner’s Curse, the, Marie Rutkoski (Band 1)
Wintermädchen, Laurie Halse Anderson
Wir beide, irgendwann, Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler
Wish U Were Dead, Todd Strasser
Wither, Lauren DeStefano (The Chemical Garden 1)
Wolf Island, Darren Shan (The Demonata 8)
Wolfszeit, Nina Blazon
Wolkenatlas, der, David Mitchell
Wood Angel, Erin Bow


You Know Me Well, Nina LaCour & David Levithan
Young Elites, the, Marie Lu (Band 1)

Zom-B, Darren Shan (Zom-B 1)
Zom-B Angels, Darren Shan (Band 4)
Zom-B Baby, Darren Shan (Band 5)
Zom-B City, Darren Shan (Zom-B 3)
Zom-B Underground, Darren Shan (Zom-B 2)
Zweilicht, Nina Blazon
Zweiunddieselbe, Mary E. Pearson (Jenna Fox Chronicles 1)


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